The Tenerife Metropolitan Area encompasses the municipalities of Santa Cruz, La Laguna, El Rosario and Tegueste. Much of the island’s population live here. It is one of the three major regions into which the island is divided, along with South Tenerife and North Tenerife.

South Tenerife is the most touristic area, North Tenerife is steeped in tradition and wrapped in a stately atmosphere, while the Metropolitan Area concentrates the two most important cities of the island: Santa Cruz, the capital city, cradle of the Government and the administration of the island, and with one of the largest urban centres of Tenerife; and San Cristóbal de La Laguna, a noble city of stately buildings, of churches and cathedrals, a universal nature which keeps amongst its alleys one of the greatest artistic, cultural and historical heritages of the Canary Islands.

But the Metropolitan Area is a contrasting one, and beyond its urban environment, from the dense forests of Anaga, to its rugged coastline, the wild beaches of volcanic sand, the villages that cling to the mountainsides and the incredible viewpoints, hundreds of small treasures await discovery.

Here are just a few of them: