Playa de Antequera

Wild and isolated beach on the limits of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Playa de Antequera (Antequera Beach) is on the limits of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, near to the Roque de Antequera, from which it gets its name.

It is a wild and isolated beach – the closest civilisation is the small village of Igueste de San Andres. It is not very long, and the waves are relatively calm all year round. Although lacking in services, the main selling point is the peace and quiet. You won’t find many people on this black sand beach, mainly because it is difficult to get to.

Given that it is surrounded by mountains in a difficult area to access, it is impossible to get there in a vehicle, and arriving on foot means a long walk. However, you could get there in a boat.

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38129 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
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