The 10 Best Natural Pools in Tenerife

The volcanic and explosive nature of the Canary Islands has given the islands magnificent beaches, but especially in the western islands, including Tenerife, where much of the coastline is made up of cliffs and rugged entrances to the sea. As a result, natural pools have formed in many parts of the coastline, separated from the ocean only by volcanic rock, open to the sky and filled with seawater by the force of the waves. These natural pools are known on the island as “Charcos“.

We have put together a list of what we believe to be the best natural pools in Tenerife, which, although they have been adapted to facilitate access and improve their safety, continue to be natural entrances to the sea of volcanic origin.

Even so, it is important to pay special attention to the sea and weather conditions before accessing them, since they present risks when the sea is rough, and the waves are moderate to intense. In these circumstances, it is recommended to take extreme care or directly avoid swimming.

1. Charco de Isla Cangrejo

Charco de Isla Cangrejo, TenerifeCharco de Isla Cangrejo is at the top of this list because it meets all the key criteria: cleanliness of the environment and its waters, safety, ease of access and a prime location. It is located in Los Gigantes, in the south of the island [read more].

2. Garachico Pools

Piscinas natural de Garachico, El Caletón, TenerifeLocated in Garachico, one of the most visited towns on the island, so it is not surprising that you find the place full of people, especially in summer. It is still well worth it. Nearby, you’ll also find a small black sand beach that is mostly visited by the residents of the area [read more].

3. La Jaquita

A swimmer enjoys a refreshing dip in the still clear blue waters of a natural rock pool on the Tenerife coast near Alcala while waves from the Atlantic Ocean crash over the volcanic rocks and sea wall. La Jaquita.You will find the La Jaquita natural pools in the south of the island. Like most seawater pools, its origin is volcanic, although it has been adjusted with walls and some unique bars to stop the force of the waves and make swimming easier [read more].

4. Charco de La Laja

Charco de la Laja, TenerifeEl Charco de La Laja is one of the most popular natural pools in Tenerife, located in the north of the island. It is not very big, like most of these places, but if the sea is calm and you are lucky that there are not many people, it is the ideal place to spend a day of complete relaxation [read more].

5. Charco del Viento

Charco del Viento, La Guancha, TenerifeLocated in the north of the island, and like many of the natural pools in this part of Tenerife, it has an impressive natural environment and privileged views of Mount Teide. Charco del Viento is safe, spacious, and ideal for families [read more].

6. Charco de Los Chochos

Charco de los Chochos - Girl in bikini in clear water in natural pool in TenerifeCharco de los Chochos is one of the most beautiful natural pools on the island, and much of this is due to its idyllic setting, surrounded by cliffs and with the Teide volcano in the background [read more].

7. Los Abrigos

The Abrigos Natural Pools are in the south of the island, not too far away from tourist hotspots like Las Americas and Los Cristianos. The site is relatively small, and its waters are only separated from the ocean by a small natural volcanic rock wall [read more].

8. Charco del Rayo

Charco del Rayo is in the far northeast of Tenerife, around two kilometres from Buenavista del Norte. It is a small, shallow natural pool in a spectacular natural setting, surrounded by banana plantations.

9. Bajamar Pools

Piscinas de Bajamar, TenerifeThe Bajamar seawater pools are situated under the open sky, although they don’t have the same natural charm as other pools on the island. The pools and their surroundings have been completed remodelled, which makes it look slightly artificial. Even so, it is still very much worth a visit, and they are very popular among the island’s residents [read more].

10. Charco de Jover

While Charco de Jover is not very popular among tourists, locals love it, which means it can be very busy in the summer. It is in the small coastal village, Tejina. Both the charco and its surroundings have been adapted to make access easier for bathing, but it does take away some of its natural charm.

Things to Consider

Many of the natural pools that you’ll find in Tenerife are extremely dangerous, so this list does not mention those that present the highest risk. There are plenty of examples of unfortunate incidents involving people visiting these pools, attracted by their wild and unspoilt environment.

If you do decide to visit other natural pools not mentioned in this list, you should bear in mind that they usually have slippery surfaces and are often surrounded by sharp volcanic rocks. Also, many of them are away from urban areas, meaning that any emergency assistance can take a while to arrive. Many of the natural pools are difficult to enter but even more difficult to get out, where you run the risk of being exposed to the mercy of the tides.