Bajamar Seawater Pools

Natural seawater pools on Tenerife’s north coast

The Bajamar natural seawater pools (piscinas de Bajamar) are in an area of dramatic cliffs on Tenerife’s north coast, within the San Cristóbal de La Laguna municipality.

The complex consists of two large pools which fill with water from the force of the Atlantic Ocean, and a smaller third also filled with sea water, which is perfect for little ones. The pools are in the open air, separated from the ocean by a volcanic rock wall and protected from the force of the waves by a breakwater a few metres out.

Around Bajamar, you’ll find all kinds of bars and restaurants, with many specialising in seafood. A long promenade runs along the coastline, with residential buildings, tourist apartments and the cliffs standing above it. You’ll also find Faro de Bajamar, a tiny lighthouse that illuminates the coast at dusk and a black sand beach popular among local residents.

The Bajamar pools are a popular attraction thanks to their beauty and tranquillity, particularly for locals but not so much for tourists. They are the perfect place to relax, enjoy the sun and sea, and swim, dive, or snorkel.

Location and Access

Bajamar can be access by road from anywhere on the island. Head towards La Laguna and take the TF-13 Highway and follow the signs to arrive at Bajamar. You’ll find car parks around the pools.

You can also get there by taking the island’s public bus line 050 from Intercambiador de La Laguna.

Access to the swimming pools is adapted for people with reduced mobility, thanks to stairs and ramps.

Things to Consider

On days when the sea is rough and waves are more aggressive than usual, swimming in the pools is not recommended. In fact, if the conditions are severe enough, access will be prohibited by the local authorities. Remember that they are outdoor pools, and the waves can enter forcefully, resulting in you being dragged into the open sea or hit against the rocks.

However, if you want to visit on those days when bathing is not possible, the natural spectacle of the waves breaking against the rocks and the water pouring into the pools is a sight worth seeing.

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