One of the richest and best-preserved historic quarters in Tenerife

Garachico’s old town is one of the richest and best preserved in Tenerife, with large squares, narrow streets, stately buildings, promenades, churches, museums, and even castles giving shape to one of the most picturesque corners of the Canary Islands.

It is in the shadow of various volcanoes, and three centuries ago it was the victim of a powerful eruption which destroyed a large part of its old town. During the 16th and 17th Centuries it was the most prosperous part of Tenerife, attracting influential families who contributed to its urban development. But despite this eruption, which happened in 1706, Garachico was able to emerge from the ashes to become of the most beautiful and popular settlements in Tenerife.

Places of Interest

  • Glorieta de San Francisco. Space that forms the central point of Garachico’s old town. Many of its cultural sites are located here.
  • Church of Santa Ana. The main church in Garachico, which has stood since the early 16th Century.
    Franciscan Convent. Former convent dedicated to Saint Francis of Assisi, which has since been converted into a Cultural House.
  • Church of Nuestra Señora de Los Ángeles. Architectural structure from the 16th Century which holds the Franciscan Convent.
  • Manor House of the Marquisate of La Quinta Roja (Casa Solariega del Marquesado de La Quinta Roja). The original building dates from the 16th Century, but it was rebuilt in the 17th Century by the first Marquis of the Quinta Roja. It was home to Franciscan monks and now operates as a hotel.
  • Casa Consistorial. 19th Century neoclassical building, which is now the seat of the Garachico Town Council.
  • House-Palace of the Counts of La Gomera (Casa-Palacio de los Condes de La Gomera). Historical civil building, reminiscent of a palace, which was inaugurated in the early 18th Century. At present, it has a cultural function, and houses the “La Casa de Piedra” art space inside.

Activities & Tours

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