7 of Tenerife’s Most Unusual Landscapes

Tenerife is an island full of incredible landscapes. Some are well-known and visited by millions of people. Others are less popular but just as spectacular. The following is just a small list of some of the most unique landscapes to visit in Tenerife.

1. Paisaje Lunar (Lunar Landscape)

Paisaje LunarThe Paisaje Lunar is one of the most unique corners of the island, with its volcanic origins and the results of centuries of erosion. It is located within the forests surrounding M. Teide, which while beautiful, is also hard to reach. To access the Paisaje Lunar you need to follow a long hiking route that stretches around the south of the island.

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2. Muros de Anaga (Walls of Anaga)

Paredes de AnagaAnaga is one of Tenerife’s most spectacular natural spaces. It is an enormous laurel forest which covers much of the eastern side of the island. Here, you’ll find incredible landscapes, viewpoints in privileged locations and some of the most well-travelled hiking routes in Tenerife. But one place in Anaga that really stands out is the Muros de Anaga, which are vertical walls covered in vegetation that mark the way into this natural space.

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3. El Topete

Mount Teide is the most recognisable landmark in Tenerife but its rare to see its northern face. From the El Topete viewpoint, you can enjoy this lesser-observed perspective of this enormous volcano. It is located in the La Guancha region.

4. The Rose Stone

Piedra La Rosa is one of the strangest and most unique rock formations on the island. The vagaries of nature have resulted in this rock formation taking the shape of a rose, and it’s spectacular. It is located very close to Mount Teide, in the interior of the island. You can view it and take pictures of it from a nearby viewpoint.

5. El Palmar Mountain

El PalmarOne of the most peculiar places that you can visit in Tenerife can be found close to the small village El Palmar. It would be a mountain like so many others on the island – the result of solidified lava flows – if it weren’t for the striking fissures caused by old excavations that can be seen from miles away. You can observe it from the Altos de Baracán viewpoint.

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6. Charco del Tancón

Tenerife’s coastline features many natural pools resulting from volcanic eruptions and sea erosion, but none are like El Tancón.

7. Cueva del viento

cueva viento tenerifeThe Cueva del Viento is in an enormous volcanic tube located in the north of Tenerife. From here, you can explore the island’s innards. For safety, however, entrance isn’t free and you’ll need to make a reservation to be accompanied by professionals.

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