7 of Tenerife’s Most Unusual Landscapes

Tenerife is full of incredible landscapes, some of them known and frequented by millions of people, and some known only by a few, but equally as spectacular. These are some of the most unusual landscapes in Tenerife.

1. Lunar landscape

Paisaje LunarThe lunar landscape is one of the most original landscapes of Tenerife, of volcanic origin and the result of erosion. It is located within the forest crown of Teide, in a very beautiful area, but difficult to access. To get to the Lunar Landscape it is necessary to do a long hiking route that runs through the south of the island.

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2. Anaga Walls

Paredes de AnagaAnaga is one of the most spectacular natural spaces in Tenerife, a huge laurel forest that occupies a large part of the eastern end of the island. Here you will find spectacular landscapes, viewpoints in privileged enclaves and some of the busiest hiking trails in Tenerife, but one place draws particular attention – they are known as the Anaga Walls, vertical walls covered with vegetation that open the walk in this natural space.

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3. El Topete

Mount Teide is the most recognizable image of Tenerife, but it is rarely seen from its north face. From the El Topete mirador, located in the La Guancha region, you can enjoy a little-known side of this huge volcano.

4. The Rose Stone

The Piedra La Rosa (rose stone) is one of the strangest and most original rock formations on the island. The vagaries of nature have wanted this rock formation to be shaped like a rose, and it is spectacular. It is located very close to the Teide volcano, in the interior of the island. In the vicinity, there is a mirador from which to observe and photograph it.

5. El Palmar Mountain

El PalmarOne of the most peculiar places on the island is found near the small town of El Palmar. It would be a mountain like so many others on the island, the result of the solidification of lava flows, if it were not for the striking crevices that can be seen for kilometers, the result of ancient excavations. It can be seen going up to the Altos de Baracán Viewpoint.

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6. Charco del Tancón

Tenerife’s coastline is full of natural pools, the result of violent volcanic eruptions and marine erosion, but none like El Tancón.

7. Cueva del viento

cueva viento tenerifeCueva del Viento (windy cave), is located in a huge volcanic tube located in the north of Tenerife, and from inside you will be able to enjoy the literal inside of the island. Admission is not free, to access it is necessary to make an appointment and do it accompanied by professionals.