Lunar Landscape

Peculiar rock formation which presents impossible shapes that are reminiscent of the lunar surface

The Lunar Landscape (Paisaje lunar) is a peculiar rock formation, of volcanic origin and the result of erosion, which presents impossible shapes and colours that are reminiscent of the lunar surface. Its whitish colour contrasts with the dark of the surrounding rock and the Canary Island pines that rises in its surroundings. It is located in the region of Vilaflor, in the South Tenerife.

The Lunar Landscape is one of those peculiarities of the island that often go unnoticed. It is not particularly popular, and for many it is pretty much unknown. It is very likely that this is due to its location, somewhat isolated, within the forest crown of M. Teide, in a beautiful area, but difficult to access because it requires long walks on mountainous trails.

Hiking route

The path that leads to the Lunar Landscape has an approximate length of 12.9 km, and a medium-high degree of difficulty. The estimated duration of the tour is 4 hours.

To take the path, we must first go to Vilaflor, through Highway TF 21, pk 68. From Vilaflor you can find the path that will lead us to where the route starts.

The route is not easy, it begins with about 7 kilometers of ascending path, and an accumulated unevenness of 777.90 meters, so good physical shape is required, although the landscape is worth each and every step.

Route in detail: PR –T F 72 Vilaflor – Lunar Landscape – Vilaflor [PDF]

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