The 6 Most Charming Villages in Tenerife

On the island of Tenerife, you’ll find dozens of small villages hidden throughout the mountains or along the shores of the Atlantic which serve as guardians of the essence, tradition, and culture of the Canarian people. Visiting them is the ideal way to discover the authentic appeal of the island.

These are some of the most charming villages in Tenerife:


MascaMasca is Tenerife’s most famous village and is especially popular for its idyllic landscape drawn by its small houses on the cliffs in the northeast of the island. To get to Masca, you need to follow a long route through the mountains, but the journey is fully worth it [read more].


Torre de Santa Ana, GarachicoVilla de Garachico is popular for having one of the best-preserved historical centres in the Canary Islands, with many examples of the archipelago’s traditional architecture. You’ll find it on the north coast of Tenerife [read more].


VilaflorVilaflor is the highest village in Tenerife and was one of the first to be founded by the island’s Castilian colonisers. It is found in the mountains in the south of Tenerife [read more].


Buenavista del Norte

Buenavista del NorteBuenavista is in the far west of Tenerife, very close to the well-known Teno Rural Park [read more].


AronaArona is one of the most beautiful villages in the south of Tenerife, with its urban centre full of historical houses and wonderful examples of traditional Canarian architecture [read more].


AnagaTaganana is in the far east of Tenerife, surrounded by nature in a natural space known as Anaga, with its incredible wild beaches, hiking routes and untamed beauty [read more].

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