The fastest and most convenient way to travel around Tenerife is by car. You can move around freely, choose your own itinerary and decide your own schedule.

Why hire a car in Tenerife?

You should take into account that Tenerife is the largest island in the Canary Islands, and if you are planning to explore all its hidden gems then you should be prepared to travel a lot, and to make relatively long journeys.

It certainly has the most points of interest out of all the islands, such as the Teide National Park, the Anaga forests or the natural swimming pools on the north coast, to name a few examples. These are all located on opposite sides of the island. Travelling around by car will always be the most convenient option.

In addition to this, if you enjoy driving then you can have the pleasure of exploring Tenerife’s beautiful roads: from routes that wind their way through the mountains to those that follow the coastline, they will all leave you breathless.

Tenerife’s roads are safe and modern, and local drivers respect the Highway Code and are patient with visitors travelling by car.

Why hire a car online?

The best option is to hire a car online before travelling to the island. This way you will save time, have a wider range of vehicles to choose from and you can find a better price. In addition to this, you can get everything organised before you go, and therefore avoid any headaches when you arrive.

To compare prices between the majority of the companies that operate in Tenerife and choose the car that best fits your need, consult our search tool. Tenerife has various pick-up and drop-off points located around the island.

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