Visitors who come to Tenerife by boat usually do so from other islands on the archipelago, or from cruise ships.

Tenerife is connected with the rest of the Canary Islands, so you can take advantage of your stay in Tenerife to make a quick trip to the rest of the islands, or if you’re staying on the other islands then you can hop over to Tenerife. There are also different routes from the Iberian Peninsula to Tenerife. One of them departs from Huelva, and the other from Cadiz.

Travelling between the islands by sea is usually much cheaper than flying, and the journey time is roughly the same (if travelling to a nearby island).

The main commercial ports on Tenerife are the Port of Santa Cruz and the Port of Los Cristianos.

Port of Santa Cruz

The Port of Santa Cruz is one of Tenerife’s main ports. It can be found in the city of Santa Cruz.

Port of Los Cristianos

The Port of Los Cristianos can be found in the town of Los Cristianos.

Ferry operators

A list of the inter-island ferry operators that operate on Tenerife can be found below: