Small mountain town in the far northeast of Tenerife

Taganana is a small mountain town in the far northeast of Tenerife, within the Anaga Country Park, one of the island’s natural jewels.

It was officially founded in the 16th century after the arrival of Castilian settlers, although the area was already inhabited by pre-Hispanic settlers before the conquest. The town stands out and is popular for its traditional architecture, its mountainous landscapes and the laurel forest that dominates this part of Tenerife.

Its natural setting means that several hiking trails come together here, among which the PR-TF 4 trail stands out, a route of just over 3km, which descends from El Bailadero to Taganana, of medium difficulty and with a significant total drop in elevation. The PR-TF 8 trail is a circular route that begins in the Afur hamlet and goes down the Afur ravine until it reaches Tamadite, a small, hidden beach of black sand and rocks that few know about. From there, the route continues upwards to the Caserío del Chorro and Taganana to end where it began back in Afur.

Points of Interest

  • Church of Nuestra Señora de las Nieves. Dates from the 16th Century and venerates the Lady of the Snows, the town’s patron saint. It is the seat of the Taganana parish, one of the first founded on the island after the Castilian conquest. It has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest and houses numerous examples of Catholic imagery.
  • Ermita de Santa Catalina (Hermitage of Saint Catherine). Small 17th Century Catholic hermitage in which the image of Santa Catalina Mártir de Alejandría, patron saint of Taganana, is venerated. The chapel has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest.
  • Roque de las Bodegas. Black sand and rocky beach on Taganana’s coast, close to the town centre. Nearby, you can also find other beaches like Benijo and Almáciga.
  • El Bailadero Viewpoint. Located on the TF-123 road, which is reached via an exit on the TF-12 road. It offers amazing views of Taganana.
  • Anaga Country Park. One of the natural jewels of Tenerife and completely encompasses the town. It is part of its spirit, and you cannot visit Taganana without visiting Anaga.

How to get to Taganana

You can get to the town via the TF-134 highway, which descends from the Anaga Mountains to the Benijo coast, passing through Taganana. Prior to this, you have to take the TF-12, which connects the fishing town San Andrés with La Laguna, crossing a large part of the Anaga Country Park. Halfway along, you have to take an exit onto the TF-134 towards Taganana.

You can also reach the town by public transport, on the TITSA bus line 946, which connects Santa Cruz with Almáciga, passing through the Anaga Mountains and stopping at Taganana.

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