Santa Cruz

The capital of Tenerife

Santa Cruz is the capital of Tenerife, and its central point is the Plaza de España, an enormous square around which there are several monuments, the island’s Government, restaurants, shops, and a huge lake.

You’ll find some of Tenerife’s best-known spots here, such as the Tenerife Auditorium, an architecturally unique building. Nearby, you’ll find historically significant buildings such as the Castillo de San Juan or the Casa de la Pólvora, just next to the fantastic Parque Maritimo, a magnificent pool complex which is very popular with locals.

Places of interest in Santa Cruz

  • Plaza de España. The centre of the city, an enormous square with several monuments and a huge central lake. Underneath the square, you can also find the ruins of the Fort of San Cristobal. Around the plaza, there are important spots such as the Island Council of Tenerife, the island’s government, and the Alameda del Duque de Santa Elena, a beautiful park from the late 18th Century.
  • Plaza de la Candelaria. Meeting point for the capital’s residents during festivals, presided over by a monument to the Virgin of Candelaria. It is a fully pedestrianised plaza, surrounded by bars, restaurants, and shops.
  • Calle del Castillo (Del Castillo Street). One of the main shopping streets in Santa Cruz.
  • Plaza Weyler. Another popular plaza in the city, where an array of streets and alleyways begin from to take you to the hidden spots of the city.
  • Santa Cruz Town Hall.
  • Plaza del Principe. Another popular plaza in the old town of Santa Cruz, where the highlight is a wonderful bandstand.
  • Museum of Fine Arts of Santa Cruz.
  • Parish of San Francisco de Asís.
  • Church of the Immaculate Conception. The city’s oldest and most important church, rising above the Plaza de la Iglesia.
  • Calle de La Noria (La Noria Street).
  • Guimerá Theatre. The first theatre built in the Canary Islands. Opened in 1851 and named after the poet, writer and dramatist Ángel Guimerá Jorge.
  • Nuestra Señora de Africa Market – La Recova. Neoclassical colonial building. It is now the most popular market in Santa Cruz.
  • MUNA. The Museum of Nature and Archaeology is the most popular museum in Tenerife. It explores the natural richness of the Canary Islands and holds the world’s largest collection about the Guanche people.
  • Rambla de Santa Cruz. The city’s central artery, which crosses the main avenues and streets in Santa Cruz, passing by an incredible selection of historical buildings, including the former Plaza de Toros (Bull Ring), the Garcia Sanabria Park or the Fort of Almeyda.
  • Garcia Sanabria Park. Huge and beautiful park which serves as the lungs of Santa Cruz. Losing yourself along its winding paths and discovering all of its corners is a true pleasure.
  • Fort of Almeyda. 19th Century fort that today is the home of the Canary Islands Military History Museum.
  • Fort of San Juan (Castillo de San Juan). Fort built in 1765. Played a key role in the defence of Santa Cruz when the British Crown attempted to take the island in 1797.
  • Casa de la Polvora (Gunpowder House).
  • Parque Maritimo. Pool complex designed by the Canarian artist César Manrique.
  • Tenerife Auditorium. One of the most modern cultural works in Tenerife. It was finished in 2003, and since then has formed a key part of the island’s culture.

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