Tenerife Auditorium

One of the most admired and photographed architectural monuments in Tenerife's capital

The Tenerife Auditorium (Auditorio de Tenerife) has swiftly become a symbol of the island, and since its inauguration in 2003 has become a benchmark of the archipelago’s culture. It is also one of the most admired and photographed architectural monuments. You can find it in Santa Cruz, Tenerife’s capital.

The building is the work of the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, and its large white presence on the shores of the Atlantic evoque an enormous wave that marks the limits of the city.

It has an extensive cultural programme, and since its opening has held all kinds of events, works, and galas.

A look inside

The interior spaces of the Auditorium come together in two large halls: the Symphonic Hall and the Chamber Hall.

The Symphonic Hall is the main hall in the Auditorio, which charms with its aesthetics and excites with more than 1600 seats and enormous stage. It is flanked by the organ pipes designed by Albert Blancafort, which surround and captivate the audience with its sounds.

The Chamber Hall, versatile and intimate, imitates the layout of the Symphonic Hall on a smaller scale, with just 422 seats.

In the lobby, there are individual and group dressing rooms, as well as all the services needed to prepare for plays and shows – not to forget the two splendid terraces outside.

The Auditorium Hall, with its 1,200m2 open-plan space offers an impressive panoramic view of the Atlantic, while the Port and Castle Galleries, which consist of 300m² of semi-covered open space offer excellent views of the ocean, the Parque Maritimo, and the Castillo de San Juan.

Surrounding the Auditorio

The Tenerife Auditorium covers an area of 23,000m², with the building itself only occupying a quarter. The rest forms an enormous plaza known as Plaza de los Alisios, which offers magnificent views over the immense Atlantic Ocean.

Around the Auditorium you can find the Torres de Santa Cruz, the Castillo de San Juan, and the Parque Maritimo. The nerve centre of the city, the Plaza de España, is also close by.

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