6 of Tenerife’s Best Wild Beaches and How To Reach Them

Tenerife has spectacular beaches that are very popular with both locals and visitors, but it also has a small selection of wild and almost secret beaches spread throughout its geography. Wild because they do not have any type of service and almost secret because of the few people who visit them – this is because they are isolated or difficult to access.

1. La Ocadilla

La Ocadilla is one of the hardest to find beaches on Tenerife. It is located in the extreme northeast of the island, on the Anaga coast, surrounded by a beautiful natural environment. It is only possible to reach it through dirt roads that run through the mountains, or by sea. It is a small beach of volcanic sand, with constant and intense waves and a huge amount of charm.

2. Los Patos

Los Patos is a volcanic sand beach located at the foot of several cliffs, on the north coast of the island. Like most of the beaches in this area of ​​the island, it is characterized by its black sand and by having a moderate to strong swell.

3. Antequera Beach

Playa de AntequeraAntequera is one of the most isolated beaches in Tenerife. It is located at the eastern end of the island, and it is not possible to reach by car. To get to Antequera beach on foot, you must take a long walk through the mountains. It is also possible to arrive by sea, in fact, there is a small dock where boats can be moored [read more].

4. Montaña Pelada Beach

Montaña pelada is a natural space located in the south of Tenerife, near the town of El Médano. On its coastline, you will find a great beach of fine volcanic sand and moderate to strong waves, depending on the climate.

5. Las Gaviotas Beach

Las GaviotasLas Gaviotas is a volcanic sand beach located on the outskirts of the island’s capital, very close to the popular beach of Las Teresitas. It is a beach with moderate waves, surrounded by cliffs and frequented mainly by residents of the area [read more].

6. Diego Hernandez Beach

Diego Hernández is surely the most popular beach on this list, and although it is not especially secret, it is a wild beach, located in a protected natural area. If you approach it, it is recommended to take special care with the surrounding environment, which can be a bit precarious. It is located in one of the most touristic regions of Tenerife, however it is not very popular, mainly because of how difficult it is to access. The sand on the beach appears and disappears at the mercy of the tides, it is worth visiting just for the sake of seeing the surrounding wildlife [read more].

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