The 10 BEST VIEWPOINTS in Tenerife

There is no better way to enjoy the beauty of Tenerife island than from the multiple viewpoints that can be found scattered around the island. Tenerife’s viewpoints are naturally elevated points of land, located between the mountains, that allow us to enjoy spectacular views of the coast, peaks and the small towns of the island.

These are the best viewpoints in Tenerife:

1. Ortuño Mirador

Mirador de OrtuñoFrom Ortuño you can see one of the most recognisable views of Tenerife, where the protagonist is the Teide volcano and its forest crown [read more].

2. Chipeque Viewpoint

Chipeque holds incomparable views of the north coast of Tenerife, with the Teide volcano and its characteristic forest crown [read more].

3. Humboldt Viewpoint

Humboldt Viewpoint probably boasts of the best views of La Orotava valley (valle de La Orotava), over which you can see a great part of north Tenerife.

4. Cherfe Viewpoint

This viewpoint finds itself at a height of 1000m, within Teno Rural Park, and from here you can enjoy the natural reserve of Chinyero volcano, Santiago valley and the majority of the rural park it finds itself in.

5. Masca Viewpoint

MascaMasca Viewpoint is found a few meters above the Masca village, and graces us with a beautiful view of the town and the Masca gully.

6. Cruz del Carmen Viewpoint

This viewpoint is found in the forests of Anaga, one of the most popular natural spaces in the Canary Islands. From this viewpoint you can observe Vega Lagunera, the city of La Laguna, and Mount Teide as a backdrop [read more].

7. Las Teresitas Viewpoint

Playa de Las TeresitasOne of the most popular viewpoints in Tenerife. It is located on the outskirts of the island’s capital, on one of the mountains that elevates over Las Teresitas Beach [read more].

8. Bailadero Viewpoint

AnagaBailadero is located in a widening of the road that crosses the Anaga forests, and offers a privileged sight of the northeast coast of Tenerife and the small village of Taganana [read more].

9. La Garañona Viewpoint

This viewpoint has very easy access, located in the centre of El Sauzal, a small village in North Tenerife. From here you can see the cliffs of Acentejo coast and El Arenal/La Garañona Beach.

10. Los Gigantes Viewpoint

mirador los gigantes tenerifeLos Gigantes cliffs are one of the most recognisable snapshots of Tenerife. In Puerto de Santiago there is a wonderful mirador from which they can be enjoyed in all their glory [read more].