Casa de los Balcones

Historic House Museum located in La Orotava

Casa de los Balcones is a Historic House Museum located in La Orotava, in northern Tenerife. It is a must-visit for anyone looking to get to know Villa de La Orotava better.

Built in 1632, it passed through various high-ranking families before becoming an architectural landmark for the island over the centuries. Architecturally, this beautiful 17th Century house is famous for its lovely façade, which combines perfectly with the stately feel of La Orotava.

It is split over three floors – the ground floor has simple windows, while plants hang from the small balconies on the first floor and the long balcony running along the second floor.

A look inside

Today, the Casa de los Balcones exudes folklore and Canarian tradition. It now survives as a house-museum, learning centre, and artisanal workshop, serving as a true ode to craftmanship.

Inside, the House showcases its noble spirit, and its different rooms now hold various stores and workshops, where you can find craftspeople working.

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Calle San Francisco, 3, 38300 La Orotava
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