Cueva del Viento

One of the largest volcanic tunnels on the planet

Cueva del Viento is in the shadow of Mount Teide, inside one of the largest volcanic tunnels on the planet. It stretches for around 17 kilometres, of which 250m is open for the public to explore the insides of Northern Tenerife and the valley of Icod de los Vinos.

It has a small but informative Visitor Centre, with information panels in various language to outline to intricacies of the cave, such as its wonderful geomorphological marvels, its chasms, and its lava terraces which are spread throughout the tunnel.

Visiting Cueva del Viento

Tours are carried out in groups and are accompanied by a guide who unveils the cave’s secrets. It is recommended to wear suitable clothing, with long trousers and walking boots or trainers. The walk lasts around 2 hours and is moderately challenging.

The tour starts in the Visitor Centre, from which a vehicle transports the group to the cave. The journey passes through various external paths before accessing the volcanic tubes. It is strongly recommended to reserve a place in advance to ensure that you are guaranteed a place on the group tour.

Origins of the Cueva del Viento

The Cueva del Viento is the result of the lava flows from the Pico Viejo volcano, a 3000m high volcano located near to Mount Teide.

The cave is hugely interesting for biologists and palaeontologists, due to the findings of various fossilised remains of animals that lived on the island in the pre-Hispanic era, and even remains of guanches, the island’s indigenous population who lived there before the Spanish conquest.

The cave has 7 entry points and 3 superimposed levels, which are connected by various volcanic tube caves, like the Cueva Belén, the Cueva del Sobrado, the Cueva de las Breveritas, and the Cueva de los Piquetes.

Opening Hours and Prices

  • Tickets cost €20 for adults and €8.50 for children (5-12 years old).
  • Children under 5 are unable to enter.

The visitor centre is open daily from 9am-4pm. You can find the tour timetable for the cave here.

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Calle Los Piquetes, 51, 38430 Icod de los Vinos
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