Palacio de Nava

Considered part of the Canary Islands cult architecture

The construction of the Palacio de Nava (Palace of Nava) began around 1585 at the hands of Tomás de Nava-Grimón y Porlier, however it has undergone several changes over time. The last reformation took place in the mid-18th century, which made it look the way it does today.

Although it lacks a defined artistic style, it is considered part of the Canary Islands cult architecture. It is in Tenerife, in the city of San Cristobal de La Laguna opposite the popular Plaza del Adelantado and was declared as Site of Cultural Interest at the end of the last century.


The Palacio de Nava is a blend of different artistic styles, from Mannerism to Baroque and Neo-classical. It is a rectangular-shaped building, with two interior patios and a small garden at the back.

Its façade is completely covered in stone with windows on its ground floor, balconies on the first and a large main door, with the Grimón family crest above it in stone.

Inside, the highlights include its large patio, as well as an upper gallery held up by imposing columns sculpted in basaltic masonry, two semi-circular arches leading to the secondary patio, and a marble staircase which leads to the first floor.

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Calle Nava y Grimon, 1, 38201, La Laguna
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