Its old town has been designated as a Site of Cultural Interest in the Historical Complex category

Tacaronte is a mid-size town in the northeast of Tenerife, capital of the municipality of Tacoronte. Its old town has been designated as a Site of Cultural Interest in the Historical Complex category thanks to its vast array of buildings which serve as examples of traditional Canarian architecture.

The best spots in Tacoronte

  • La Alhóndiga. One of Tacoronte’s most striking buildings. Built in the 17th Century to serve as a public granary.
  • El Calvario. Forms part of the same complex as La Alhóndiga. Was built during the 17th Century as a rest area for the Holy Week processions. Today, it serves as a meeting point for processions in Tacoronte.
  • Church of Santa Catalina. Triple nave church with a striking bell tower. Was built on the site of an old chapel which was constructed by newly arrived Spanish colonisers.
  • Chapel of San Jeronimo. Small Catholic church built from whitewashed masonry. Dates from 1654.
  • Chapel of San Juan Bautista. Rectangular single nave Catholic church with a main chapel and a small sacristy.
  • Plaza del Cristo. Tacoronte’s main square. You can find the Tacoronte Town hall, the Santuario del Cristo, and the Former monastery of San Agustin. The main meeting place for locals and the epicentre of local festivals.
  • Santuario del Cristo. The most important building in Tacoronte, with its main façade built in fine masonry. Inside, it holds the statue of Holy Christ of Tacoronte (Cristo del Tacoronte).
  • Former monastery of the Padres Agustinos Calzados. Located just next to the Santuario del Cristo. It was built in the mid-17th Century and operated as a monastery until its religious order disappeared at the start of the 19th Century. It now functions as a Cultural House.
  • Jardines de Hamilton. A huge park covering around 10,000m2, which stretches from El Calvario to the Plaza del Cristo. Holds an excellent array of native flora from the Canary Islands as well as vines.


In September, the Fiestas del Cristo take place, which are celebrated in honour of the Holy Christ of Tacoronte, the second most revered dedication to Jesus Christ on the archipelago. It is the town’s most important festival and last practically the whole month. Throughout September, there are several different events, with the largest and final procession taking place on the last Sunday of the month.

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