Chinyero Special Natural Reserve

A fantastic example of Tenerife’s volcanic history

Chinyero Special Nature Reserve is one of the most spectacular natural areas in Tenerife. It covers over 2300 hectares in the northeast of the island, with the Chinyero volcano as its central point. It has significant geological importance and is a fantastic example of Tenerife’s volcanic history.

Despite the hostility of the terrain, the areas around the volcano boast incredible plant species, including pine trees, broom plants, and mint. There aren’t many animals in the area, with beetles being the most common animal to be found.

Chinyero Volcano

Chinyero Volcano was responsible for the last volcanic eruption in Tenerife in the early 20th Century, when the magma exploded violently from its insides, bringing the island to a standstill for a total of 10 days. It reaches 1560m above sea level, and its striking figure is the highlight of the reserve.

How to get there

To access the Chinyero Reserve from the north of the island, you will need to depart from the municipalities of El Tanque or Garachico, which have various access routes from some of their villages, including San Juan del Reparo, La Montañeta or San José de Los Llanos. Once in one of these, you will find a trail which borders or leads to Chinyero.

To access Chinyero from the south, you will need to do so from Santiago del Teide, taking the TF-82 to the small village of Valle de Arriba, and once here, take the road which takes you to the reserve.

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