Siam Park

Siam Park is one of the best water parks on the planet

Siam Park is in one of Tenerife’s most popular towns, Costa Adeje, on the island’s south coast.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Siam Park is one of the best water parks on the planet. It has received several awards, and even has the record for the largest artificial wave in the world. Rides, pools, first-rate restaurants… Siam Park has everything you need for an unforgettable day.

Together with Tenerife’s exceptional weather, it forms the perfect combination that you can enjoy all year round.

Opening hours and prices

Siam Park is open every day, all year round. During the summer, it is open from 10am to 6pm. For the rest of the year, it opens from 10am – 5pm.

Entry costs €45 for adults and €32 for children (3-11 years old).

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The Giant

Siam Park TenerifeA ride for everyone. Launch yourself into Giant’s jaws and glide through its enormous and zigzagging slides before landing into its huge pool.

Mekong Rapids

Giant floats to enjoy with friends and family on this incredible ride. Launch yourself down this wide slide at breakneck speed and you’ll soon know why Siam Park is one of the best water parks on the planet. Fun guaranteed.

Naga Racer

Who’ll get there first? Six lanes to compete. A mat each. You don’t need much more to have a good time. Launch yourself down next to family or friends and try to get to the end before the rest. That’s what Naga Racer is all about.

The Volcano

Darkness, mist, and light shows combine to transport us to the inside of a volcano, while we descend through its crater aboard a rubber ring.

Jungle Snake

Cross the jungle aboard a rubber ring. Go down through the ride’s snaky routes.


Head down, together with family or friends, on one of the park’s enormous rubber rings into the enormous funnel protected by the dragon and experience the amazing feeling of zero gravity as you move from one side of the funnel to the other before it swallows you.

Tower of Power

Siam Park TenerifeUndoubtedly the park’s most famous attraction, and for many, the best.

If you don’t have vertigo and want to spark some adrenaline, the Tower of Power won’t let you down. Climb to the top of the tower and prepare to launch yourself in free fall down an almost vertical slope 28 metres high, before submerging yourself through a spectacular shark tank.

As you launch yourself down, you’ll understand why it’s the most popular attraction in Siam Park. An unforgettable experience.

The Lost City

Siam Park TenerifeIdeal for young children. A fortress where they can have fun without any risk at all. With 24ºC water, heading down the slides, crossing bridges or enjoying the waterfalls will be a delight for all of them.


Another part of the park designed especially for children’s enjoyment. It has 4 different slides and endless possibilities for the youngest children. A true oasis of fun.

The Wave Palace

24 degrees centigrade. This is the temperature of the largest artificial wave on the planet. A world record held by Siam Park. Surf it, if you dare, or wait on the shores of the park’s paradisiacal beach.

Siam Beach

Siam Beach lets you take a breather. Relax in its clear waters, recharge your batteries while having a snack, or lie down underneath the palm trees in this little paradise. The water temperature is 24ºC all year around.


One of the park’s newest attractions. Three experiences in one. A winding slide 200m long which is full of surprises, speed, and curves.


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