Punta de Teno

Untouched and protected area that marks the end of the island

Punta de Teno is in the far nortwest of Tenerife, between the imposing and beautiful mountains of Masca and the immensity of the Atlantic. The region teems with beauty in every corner and covers an untouched and protected area that marks the end of the island.

Punta de Teno a natural spot forged by the lashings of the sea that evokes peace and quiet. The area covers around 6km2 and is only accessible by road, and despite its beauty, is scarcely known about.

Punta de Teno Lighthouse

Beyond its incredible natural landscape, the Lighthouse is the standout attraction in Punta de Teno. From its architectural detail that gives it personality and that creates, together with the cliffs, its small cove and the jetty at its base, a true postcard image with the Atlantic as a backdrop.

It was built at the end of the 19th Century, although it only reached its current 20-metre height after a later 20th Century reform. It was constructed according to the same template as traditional lighthouses, with stone from La Gomera, and was painted with red and white stripes which remain today.

It became operational in 1897 when it was operated by two lighthouse keepers who switched places every 4 months and lived with their families in small lodging at the bottom of the lighthouse. Nowadays the lighthouse runs automatically.

How can I get to Punta de Teno?

In order to guarantee the sustainability of this protected natural environment, as of 15th April 2019, it is now only possible to reach Punta de Teno via TF-445 by taxi, bicycle or TITSA line 369, which runs from Buenavista del Norte – Punta de Teno. Furthermore, it is only possible to access it via this road between 9am and 8pm.

You can reach Punta de Teno by road from the lovely northern town Buenavista in around 20 minutes. Although reaching Punta de Teno isn’t mission impossible, it’s not simple either.

The road you’ll need to take runs through the mountains and is quite winding. During rain and wind, there is a risk of landslides, so the road is usually closed to traffic. It is best to check the weather and the road status before going.

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