Castle of San Miguel

Built on the orders of King Phillip II of Spain to protect Garachico from pirate attacks

The Castle of San Miguel (Castillo de San Miguel) dates from the 16th Century and is in Garachico, in the north of Tenerife.

It was built on the orders of King Phillip II of Spain to protect Garachico from pirate attacks, given that the town was hugely important for trade and its port was key for the island.

After a volcanic eruption in the early 18th Century which destroyed part of the town, Garachico lost its relevance and the fort saw its defensive function reduced. But the town was able to recover from this volcanic eruption which had buried it, to the point where it regained its previous splendour. Since the late 20th Century, the Castle of San Miguel has been considered a Site of Cultural Interest.

It is situated on the El Caletón seafront, surrounded by lovely gardens and the murmurs of the Atlantic Ocean.


On an architectural level, the castle is built in a Renaissance style, with a square layout and large stone walls. A white bell gable and the coat of arms of Charles I of Spain and V of Germany adorn the main entrance.

Its interior consists of 2 bedrooms which now serve as temporary exhibition rooms.

Outside, we can find an old cannon which is evidence of the defensive function that the Castle performed in the past, as well as anchors attached to its façade.

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