El Lance Viewpoint

Found on a steep rocky outcrop in the town of Los Realejos

The El Lance viewpoint is found on a steep rocky outcrop in the town of Los Realejos, in the north of Tenerife.

The viewpoint is on the road that descends from Icod el Alto towards Los Realejos (TF-342). Its name means “The Throw”, which is due to when people would throw tree trunks from it towards a sawmill that used to be in Tigaiga, on the lower part of the cliff.

Its historic importance

This spot is historically relevant because of the events that happened here in 1496.

At this time, the Spanish conquest of the Canary Islands had begun. Tenerife was inhabited by the pre-Hispanic Guanche people, who were organised territorially into ‘menceyatos’.

Mencey Bentor, who was a type of aboriginal king or leader, oversaw the menyecato in this part of Tenerife. When faced with the unstoppable advance of the Spanish troops, Bentor decided to commit a suicidal ritual to avoid capture or surrender to the Europeans. He threw himself from the cliff on which the viewpoint is now located.

The viewpoint

At the viewpoint, you’ll find a striking bronze statue of Bentor, as well as a bar/cafe to rest and enjoy the view.

From the top of El Lance, you can enjoy beautiful, unobstructed views of La Orotava Valley and three different towns – La Orotava, Puerto de la Cruz, and Los Realejos.

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TF-342, 38414 Los Realejos
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